Suthi Siriphan (Sean)

Study : 

  • Bachelor of Art, Communication and Conflict Resolution, Brigham Young University, Hawaii
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree, Social Media Marketing, LDS Business College

Experience :

  • Certified Conflict Mediator
  • worked as Social Media Marketing Specialist at Brigham Young University (2013-2014) and LDS Business College Career Services (2017-2018)
  • Spending interval years as Project Manager at OL private Council

Passion :

Meet the trainer who empathizes with millennials. From years of working with young people, Suthi learned the value of having the right intentions. “At the end of the day, young people will be very keen at detecting intentions. Only when they feel that you want the best for them, they will cooperate with you and even love you.” His understanding for Gen Y & Z and his love for conflict resolution makes him very contemporary. A rare trainer in his own right.

Courses :