Project Description


Being stuck ‘on thin ice’ is a situation that everyone wants to avoid. This program will encourage young learners to work as a team in a stimulated exciting situation of a group of people ‘getting stranded’ in Antarctica. It will stimulate teamwork and collaboration skills needed in real life situations over a simulated experience of an exciting themed challenge set in Antarctica.

Example Topics
  • Young learners will use the ICE communication strategy, which is an acronym for ‘Identifying and Planning, Communicating and Evaluating the results’, to complete their goal and achieve collaborative success.
Key Learning Points
  1. You can achieve something unimaginable through collaboration with others
  2. In a situation where there’s “I can’t” sometimes, it can turn into “we can”
  3. It takes several skills to practice to achieve successful collaborations

ON THIN ICE : Tirian

Tirian is a leading organizational learning and development consulting company. It was established in Australia in 1988 by Andrew and Gaia Grant. Tirian’s foundation consists of 20 years of experience in more than 30 countries. They specialize in innovation and transformation through strategic innovative leadership and team development.


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