Project Description


In this program, young learners will develop the skills and cultivate the qualities of being a leader. Young learners will each be given the opportunities to lead their teams in skill- specific activities, which includes the 16 essential attributes of being an effective leader. They will not only learn how to be a good leader, but also learn to be a follower and a good listener. Young learners will also take part  in activities that will help them discover their strengths and areas of improvement as a leader, which they will then work on to be the best leader they can be.

Example Topics
  • Orange: commitment, optimism, conflict, change
  • Green: team, servanthood, strategy, responsibility
  • Blue: integrity, confidence, recruiting, vision
  • Red: ethics, honor, communication, power
Key Learning Points
  1. Learn to never give up, even if it is hard, commit to your ideas
  2. Learn to think ahead to avoid conflict
  3. Learn to be confident in expressing yourself and your opinions
  4. Learn to work together as a group to achieve a common goal
  5. Learn to hold responsibility in work and ethics


LeadYoung Training Systems is founded by Dr. Alan E. Nelson. He is the author of 20 books and teaches at institutions such as USC and Pepperdine University. This program offers to develop young leaders with other non-profits. LeadYoung is designed by organizational leadership development specialists in correlation with expert practitioners–teachers, educations, child/youth workers


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