Project Description


To prepare young learners to go into the world of diverse people it is important to give them an insight into what makes people different. One bit part of what makes people different is ‘STYLES’. In this workshop, young learners will learn to uncover their style of interacting with others. They will use their styles as an advantage to succeed by learning and practicing how to connect and work with other people who have different styles than them.

Example Topics
  • Understanding my style
  • Appreciating other styles
  • Adjusting to connect
Key Learning Points
  1. There are 4 main styles to DISC — no style is better than another
  2. Each style has strengths and ricks
  3. Learnt o appreciate themselves and others
  4. Work with other young learners on mutual strengths and weaknesses to reduce conflict and create a smooth working environment

DISC: Extended DISC

DISC is the world-renowned psychological assessment tool. It is created based on the work of Carl Gustav Jung who created a model for human behavior in his 1921 book. Extended DISC is used to help people be more successful by understanding how people are different, developing confident self-awareness, l earning to identify the styles of others and modifying behaviors based on the other person’s style. Thus, YourNextU Young develops a program based on the information from DISC to fit our target audience.


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