Project Description


The motto for this program is “we can choose to create a good environment for others to make us happy”.  Young learners will apply this motto when interacting with others through group activities. They will change their self-centered mindset to a conceptual mindset and will learn to consider the people around them. Young learners will begin to put themselves in other people’s shoes while being assertive to one’s needs. They will learn that there are many choices in perceiving and interacting with others and that some of the choices will create conflicts while others will help to build good relationships.

Example Topics
  • Inward VS Outward Mindsets
  • How mindset relate to behavior and relationship
  • What causes people to think inward
  • How to recognize when you are inward in a box
  • How to turn mindset outward
Key Learning Points
  1. Become more self-aware and gain realization that how they act/react will influence the way people act/react to them
  2. Learners are aware of the existence of the inner requirements of others.
  3. Young Learners are able to see the choice that they have the ability to make the relationship with those around them possible.
  4. Young learners will learn alternatives in conflict situations
  5. Young Learners learn basic ways to develop relationships with those around them

CHOOSE WELL: Arbinger Institute

The Arbinger Institute was founded in 1979 by Dr. C. Terry Warner. Programs and methodology are based on four decades of research in the psychology of human behavior and experience working with organizations worldwide in the corporate, healthcare, education, government and several other sectors. Their impact is to help individuals, team and organizations move from the self-focus of an inward mindset to the results-focus of an outward mindset. Moreover, Arbinger Institute’s  best-selling books include “The Outward Mindset” and  “The Anatomy of Peace”, which is based on the same-concept that is praised by many key figures like Ken Blanchard.


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