The goal of YourNextU Young is to help young people
effectively develop into what we call an effective “Global Citizen”

The ability to act effectively in various settings

Encourage young learners to move forward by focusing on their abilitie to learn, to think, and to act.


A positive internal sense of self-worth and ability

Help young learners develop sense of confidence in order for them to bring out their competence and potential.


Understanding of one’s own inner state, personality, values, and morality

Enable young learners to get to know their own personality, find their identity, and learn about their own strengths and areas for development.


Capacity for empathy and sympathy toward self and others

Caring and being sympathetic play an important role in the social life and ability to live happily with others


Positive and productive relationships with people and institutions

Young learner will learn how to interact and build strong relationships with other people. They will also learn about the connection between themselves and others, and between themselves and the world.


ability to affect positive changes

This is a natural outcome of the previous 5 C’s. It’s the ability to create good results and benefit for yourself, your family, your community and the society at large.

The 6c’s of Positive youth development

Based on studies done by youth development experts, there are 6 crucial assets that from a foundation for a positive  youth development which helps young people achieve effectiveness in all areas of their lives including academic  performance, emotional and physical well-being, and career aspiration to ultimately become an ideal adult, or in  this case, an effective and functional Global Citizen

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